Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Councillor profile

Daphne is in her third term on Council.

A deputation of civic leaders (and a large cheque) have persuaded her not to stand for Council again at the next election.

An arts advocate, she is solely responsible for the expensive pile of tasteless metal junk masquerading as public art in Garden Place.

She has been responsible for numerous hare-brained and ill-fated schemes ostensibly advancing the cause of sustainable transport which are yet to bring any identifiable benefit to the city.

Air brushing and extensive plastic surgery have failed to mask her advancing years and mental decline.  At best well intentioned but generally regarded as inept, ineffective and ill-suited to political life, she will no doubt continue her incoherent rants on social media  -  once she remembers the password.

Daphne comes from a large and exemplary family, none of whom wish to be named in view of her murky past, dodgy dealings and excessive use of poorly-chosen, randomly-selected, cliche-ridden hyphenated language which she would be well-advised to avoid like the plague.

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