Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yes, we can!

When Horsham Downs residents asked Waikato District Council for a footpath along Osborne Road so that their children could walk to school they were told that this stretch of busy rural road did not qualify for a footpath.

So they did it anyway.

Local mum, Julie Roe rallied the community to support the project. Surveying, tree removal, metal and cartage worth around $20,000 were all donated to make the 1.5km footpath a reality. Having achieved a safe route to Horsham Downs School they realised that an extension south to the outskirts of Hamilton was possible. Hamilton City Council came to the party by allowing access to a 3km stretch of future road reserve. This now provides a safe off road walking and cycling route linking Horsham Downs to the city.

In Wellington last weekend at the Living Streets conference the Horsham Downs link won a special Golden Foot award for a community 'can do' project. Judges said that this project shows what can be achieved by a determined and passionate community working alongside their local councils. I would add that having a Julie Roe in the community makes all the difference.