Monday, April 12, 2010

Not on yer Yike!

When I had enthusiastic emails from friends in Italy and the US recently about the New Zealand -designed Yike bike, I needed to check it out. The Yike bike has been heralded as the answer to urban commuter travel. It is a lightweight electric bike which can fold up to go on a bus or train and be stowed under a desk at work. But it is limited to a range of only 10-12 kms. And with an eye-watering price tag of three thousand English pounds it is only for the seriously wealthy.

A standard electric bike, though, is a great way to get around as it flattens the hills and deals to headwinds. So I will happily continue to commute on my trusty electric bike and especially enjoy sailing past queued cars at peak times.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hooked on hockey!

As someone who usually skips over the sports section of the paper, last week's international women's hockey test in Hamilton was a revelation for me.
Our Blacksticks and Argentina's Las Leonas ran like gazelles for the whole 70 minutes of the game. Both teams were remarkably fit, agile and deft and their dazzling display had me rapt. I had not appreciated how demanding and skilled hockey at this level is and what a great, fast-moving game it is to watch.

At the final whistle I was dancing with delight. We had won 3-1!