Monday, February 15, 2010

Natural Burial

If your choice of cremation or traditional burial is because of religous or cultural considerations, read no further.

However, if you could choose either option you may be interested in a further possibility, that of natural burial.

What is the difference? With traditional burial as at Newstead, graves are set in expansive lawns which are mowed and maintained. Monuments and plaques mark individual graves. In contrast, the area for natural burials will become over time an area of re-generating native bush where the individual graves will be indistinguishable and unmarked.

Those would would prefer natural burial consider it to be more environmentally friendly than either traditional burial or cremation. They consider it sufficient memorial to have contributed to a pleasant area of restored bush.


Fractur is not for the faint-hearted. You might not want to take your granny to this play (nudity and language may offend) but you will keep thinking about its message long after you have left the theatre.

At one point in the play, we were asked to intervene to stop the violence on stage but we did not do so. I am still wrestling with my conscience over that.

Fractur is about guards and prisoners and the way they treat each other but with some uncertainties as to whether it is meant to be "real"or not. David Foote's take on man's inhumanity to man is chilling, troubling and intensely involving. He is well-served by his cast who will take his creation to a season in Wellington.