Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birth pangs

At this stage of an election campaign we may forget that for many people local body politics are peripheral at best.

As candidates we are understandably focussed on the campaign whereas the critical period is the three years after 9 October.

This is somewhat like a pregnant mum's focus on her pregnant state whereas, post partum, the important work of parenting begins.

In the brief lull between the end of campaign meetings and knowing the election result, we could do well to reflect on what we have heard on the hustings and where we might look to make changes.

I have been encouraged, for instance, by the broad consensus around sustainability issues and the questions about better bus shelters and natural burial show that we live in changing times.

In the next three years, on Council or not, I will work for STV - Single Transferable Vote as a fairer system for council elections and will campaign to retain MMP. I am ready to look at open workshops and rating review.

I look forward to participating in the October/November forums at the museum: The Tron: conversations on placemaking. These ongoing conversations are what shaping our city is all about.

Page thirteen of tonight's Waikato Times lists the candidates that Sustainable Waikato has endorsed - you may wish to check it out - or their website

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